Natural Dye w/ Kitchen Basics Workshop- 10/14

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Natural Dye w/ Kitchen Basics Workshop- 10/14

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Join Megan Roach, co-founder of Parliament and maker of Adventure Textiles, for an evening of fiber and color!

We’ll be exploring the magic of achieving a natural dye colors from common items in your kitchen. Come prepared to learn how to set up natural dye pots, and dye with food items like onion skins, avocado pits and tea. This workshop will cover safety/clean up procedures, how to prepare dye materials as well as where to purchase dye stuff. Each participant will leave with a dye journal with instructions and samples from each color produced, as well as a hankie to dye in their favorite color.

Cost of Workshop: $40
Date: 10/14/17
Time: 6-9PM

**Reserve two tickets and save $10!

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