Shorten Your Pants Workshop w/ Littlewings Designs- 2018 Dates!


Shorten Your Pants Workshop w/ Littlewings Designs- 2018 Dates!


The next in Elyse's series of make-thrift-mend workshops, learn to shorten your pants the cool way that keeps the original hem intact- no more granny chop-n-sew hems! Bring 1-3 pairs of your pants (pinned already for length!) to learn this easy wardrobe maintenance technique!

This class will be hosted the following dates:

Sunday 3/4/18, 3:00PM- 5:00PM
Sunday 4/8/18, 3:00PM- 5:00PM

Elyse Marie Welcher of Littlewings Designs will lead this class, where you will learn to to shorten jeans and pants utilizing a simple tailoring method that allows you to keep the original hem. During her college and early career years, Elyse worked as a professional seamstress performing alterations in a mall brand denim-shop, and learned this easy way to keep the original hem on a pair of jeans while still shortening them for length! This technique is easy to learn and can be done on a home sewing machine on your own once learned.

This class will be hosted at the 136 S Division Space.

Cost per participant is $25. Please bring 1-3 pairs of jeans you would like to shorten. This technique is best learned and applicable to denim and khaki pants, and isn't effective for business casual slacks. We ask that all pairs of pants be brought already pinned to length, and we will show you from there! Class includes:

-Use of sewing machines and machinery to learn technique in the Parliament Studio
-small instructional zine for future reference
-2 hours of instructional time at the Parliament space


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